Heart Month – Brianna and Sara – American Heart Association

Brianna and Sara speak about heart care. Check it out!  

Lymphedema and Cancer Rehabilitation – Dr. Tracy Bender – Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center

Haven’t heard of Lymphedema? Listen to Dr. Tracy talks about lymphedema treatment and what is cancer rehab.

Pets and Elders – Dr Dan Otto – Cotner/Superior Pet Care

We leave nobody behind. Including our pets! Listen to Dr. Dan Otto talk about his past experiences and how pets can be good to have at home for our elders.

Medicare and Open Enrollment – Chris McPike – ComPro

Chris McPike from ComPro clears up the confusion on health insurance and explains in detail about the different benefits available, focusing on 65+ citizens.

Living with Congestive Heart Failure – Stacy Cerio & Jenny Stachura – CHI Health St. Elizabeth

Listen to Stacy and Jenny, as they discuss the life of a patient with congestive heart failure.

Continence, Catheters and Compression – Joe Frey – Triumph Home Health Supplies

Former UNL student Joe Frey talks about his experience in the home-health industry.