When our founder, Tony Fulton, was a child, he developed a passion for helping others by assisting elderly neighbors with day-to-day tasks. As time went on, Tony began to realize the need for assistance went beyond his neighborhood, and began to formulate a plan to develop a home care company that could help numerous individuals maintain their independence and dignity. From that plan, he founded Guardian Angels Home Care in Lincoln, NE in 2003.

“It is not simply a matter of belief, it is a matter of fact: the human person possesses a sacred dignity which age cannot take away. We take this fact seriously, and it shows in our work.”

– Tony Fulton, Founder and President, Guardian Angels Homecare

Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year 2012:

Guardian Angels Homecare’s business model is based on the inherent dignity of each person. The company applies this to its clients and staff. Keeping elders in their home contributes to the fabric of the community. Aging in place allows them to continue to interact with neighbors and friends, maintain home ownership and demonstrate that they still have value to contribute to those around them. Guardian Angels caregivers share this vision and live it out as they form both professional and personal bonds with clients.