Trends in Elder Living Communities – Barb Tyler – Director of Community Relations (Podcase 3.25.18)

Future Trends in Aging – UNO College of Gerontology – Bede Bolin

Bede, a former military who is now teaching at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, talks about what the Gerontology program is all about and the importance of it. The Gerontology program is homed [...]

Options in Elder Living – MaryAnn Stallings – Bridge to Better Living

Marie Ann talks about what she does and how she helps people find the right fit.

Heart Month – Brianna and Sara – American Heart Association

Brianna and Sara speak about heart care. Check it out!  

Non-Medical In-Home Care – Christy Sueverkreupp

Christy gives advice on how you to talk to your elder loved ones with Dementia.

Better Hearing – Roy Christensen – Christensen Audiology

Roy discusses the struggles with hearing problems, and what he does to help them.

Watch Out for Water Leaks – Gus Ponstingl – Leak Detective

Listen to Gus, as he explains the importance of taking care of water leaks before its too late. “You don’t have to live in fear” – Gus

Revolution in Rehabilitation – Stephanie Witt – Old Cheney Rehab

Stephanie talks about how to improve services for the elders based on their lifestyle. The Old Cheney settingĀ is all about making sure you are well taken care of. Also, did you know that there [...]

Leaving a Legacy through Charitable Giving – Mark Taylor – Community Health Charities of Nebraska

Mark believes that it is very important to stay hopeful even though Alzheimer’s hits you.

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